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S. T. Dupont’s Latest Pen Innovation

A new design for challenging times, S.T. Dupont’s Defi, which in French means challenge, invites us to redefine our concept of luxury pens. Completely different from anything S. T. Dupont has offered in the past, the pens have a sleek composite-carbon fiber body that is accented with palladium-finished metal, giving it an aerodynamic aesthetic that is masculine […]

FrontFunners: Dupont Versailles

In 1682, Louis XIV—wishing to lock his fractious nobles in a golden cage where he could keep an eye on them—established the French center of government at a former hunting lodge in Versailles. Until 1789, when rebellion overtook the country, the Château de Versailles stood as a symbol of the absolute power imposed by the […]

A Fountain Pen with a Twist

S.T. Dupont and Metaxas & Sins have collaborated on a special edition pen and lighter set for their “Haute Creation” using a very distinct and technically challenging design. The S.T. Dupont “HELIX” is a radical departure from the work of other artists featured in S.T. Dupont collection  including  Picasso,  Warhol, and Lagerfeld. According to designer […]

Puro Gold

Padrón Cigars celebrates its 50th anniversary with two new all-Nicaraguan releases. Padrón Cigars turned 50 this year, and in an industry where fierce competition and other factors such as inclement weather and civil unrest have snuffed out many brands, reaching this milestone is cause for celebration. To mark the achievement, the company, which is renowned for its Nicaraguan puros—cigars with […]

Roll On, Britannia

Beneath the awning at the entrance to the Wellesley, a new boutique hotel built on the original site of the Hyde Park Corner tube station, there are still vestiges of the old red subway tiles, and it is not difficult to imagine the many cigars puffed by waiting passengers so many decades ago. Just off […]

Design Portfolio: Writing the Rails

The storied rail line that linked Paris to Istanbul for more than a century has fired the imaginations of such diverse writers as Bram Stoker and Ian Fleming. Now the elegantly appointed Orient Express has come full circle and inspired a collection of fine writing instruments and other accoutrements. The Orient-Express Limited Edition by S.T. […]

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