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Blu-ray Rising

Now that the Blu-ray high-definition video disc format has vanquished rival HD-DVD, elite manufacturers are beginning to launch high-end Blu-ray players suited for the world’s finest home theaters. The first of these players to emerge is the Goldmund Eidos 20 BD player, which benefits from the same Swiss manufacture and precision engineering that makes the company’s other products such a privilege to use. The $16,900 player boasts a proprietary AC power-supply circuit; mechanical grounding technology that Goldmund says isolates the player’s drive mechanism from floor-borne vibration; and a magnetic damper the company claims reduces data errors. Goldmund cautions, though, that while the Eidos 20 BD does play DVDs and CDs, its conventional DVD/CD players deliver superior performance with those legacy formats. (888.GOLD.001, www.goldmund.com)

—Brent Butterworth

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