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The Best of the Best 2003: Audio/Video

Ken Kessler

An all-in-one home cinema in which everything is included save speakers and a monitor can almost provide a full-scale theater experience. The advantage of the former is a more room-friendly system appropriate for a study, bedroom, yacht, or other intimate space. A little-known company in Germany provides the best of this class. The low-profile, ultrasleek K6 from T+A (pronounced T plus A) contains a DVD player, an AM/FM tuner, an audio/video surround-sound processor, and all of the amplification necessary for 5.1 channels for Dolby Digital- or DTS-encoded DVDs. T+A incorporated all of the electronics into a neat enclosure without compromising the sound quality or the picture.

To display the picture itself, the choice is the Grand Cinema RTX from Sim2 USA. Its unconventional profile and 55-inch screen make it ideal for bijou home cinemas. Vienna Acoustics’ aluminum speakers match well in terms of acoustics and appeal. The Valhalla series from Nordost, which includes flat wires for installing on walls or under carpets, completes the setup.

Nordost, www.nordost.com
Sim2 USA, www.sim2.com
T+A, 707.762.0914
Vienna Acoustics, www.sumikoaudio.net

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Photo by Adam Goodwin
Copyright by VZPhoto
Photo by Olivier Moritz