Man About Town

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    Photography by David Roemer; Styling by Christopher Campbell; Photographed at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

    At the turn of the 20th century, Paris was the epicenter of a new modernism that shook up everything from art and architecture to literature and fashion, and made the city home to two of the period’s most stylish creations: the Art Deco movement and the bon vivant. That dashing figure rules the avenues again this fall, in powerful silhouettes and grand flourishes expressed in luxurious brocades, fur, crocodile, and more.

    Photos 1-1B: On Left: Prada cotton overcoat with astrakhan collar, $5,000, turtleneck, $595, shirt, $550, vest, $925, cummerbund, $460, mohair pants, $1,020, leather shoes, $1,150, and brooch, $275; Cartier white-gold-and-diamond watch, $34,600. On Right: Corneliani cashmere topcoat, $5,900; Isaia three-piece wool suit, $4,725, shirt, $525, tie, $225, and pocket square, $145; Scarpe Di Bianco leather shoes, $895; Fred Leighton pearl-and-diamond stickpin, $4,000; Cartier gold watch, $15,000; Stefano Ricci cane with silver handle, price upon request.

    Photos 2-2B: On Left: Ralph Lauren Purple Label suede-and-shearling trench coat, $6,995, vest, $595, shirt, $465, and tie, $195; Berluti pants, price upon request; Allegri gloves, $275; Fred Leighton diamond-and-ruby gold stickpin, $8,500. On Right: Ermenegildo Zegna Spazzolino suit, price upon request, cashmere turtleneck, $995, shirt, $375, and pocket square, $95; Stefano Ricci gloves, price upon request.

    Photo 3: Bottega Veneta wool jacket, $2,250; Zilli silk robe, price upon request; Ralph Lauren Purple Label shirt, $425; Brunello Cucinelli pants, price upon request; Canali scarf, $220; Tom Ford slippers, price upon request; Thomas Pink silk knot cuff links, $15.

    Photos 4-4B: On Left: Zilli silk jacket with knit shawl collar, price upon request; Bottega Veneta shirt, $550; Ermenegildo Zegna bow tie, $135; Berluti gloves, price upon request; Baade II cuff links, $525; Hermès steel-and-alligator watch, $7,650. On Right: Burberry Prorsum wool-and-mink topcoat, $6,500, umbrella with silver dog’s head handle, $850; Canali wool jacket, $2,470, wool pants, $500, shirt with tie bar, $340, and tie, $155; Berluti gloves, price upon request; Scarpe Di Bianco shoes, $895; Prada cotton socks, $95.

    Photo 5: Kiton cashmere jacket, $8,150, and scarf, $1,294; Canali shirt, $295; Corneliani pants, $395; Isaia belt, $675; Dries Van Noten leather cuff links, price upon request; Hermès steel-and-alligator watch, $9,700.

    Photos 6-6B: On Left: Louis Vuitton crocodile-leather topcoat and canvas trunks, prices upon request, pants, $690, and beret, $600; Gucci wool jacket, $2,150, sweater, $795, scarf, $315, and boots, $1,250; Fred Leighton diamond-and-ruby gold stickpin, $8,500; Hermès steel-and-alligator watch, $10,500. On Right: Giorgio Armani wool topcoat, $2,495; Burberry Prorsum wool jacket, $1,595, and shirt, $295; Allegri pants, $295; Dolce & Gabbana bow tie, $295; Prada astrakhan hat, $1,950; Gucci boots, $1,250.

    Photos 7-7B: On Left: Salvatore Ferragamo silk jacket, $2,520, and wool pants, $700; Zilli turtleneck, price upon request; Hermès steel-and-alligator watch, $19,400. On Right: Brioni cashmere-and-astrakhan topcoat, $7,300, vest, $1,600, and tie, $200; Ascot Chang tuxedo shirt, $445; Oxxford Clothes wool pants, price upon request; Allegri gloves, $275; Baade II cuff links, $525; Fred Leighton gold-and-diamond stickpin, $650.

    Photos 8-8B: On Left: Stefano Ricci crocodile trench coat with mink-fur trim, and belt, prices upon request; Dries Van Noten turtleneck, $327; Louis Vuitton wool pants, $830; Berluti gloves, price upon request. On Right: Tom Ford suede-and-shearling topcoat, wool-and-cashmere turtleneck, wool jacket and pants, prices upon request.

    Photos 9-9B: On Left: Dolce & Gabbana shearling embroidered jacket, price upon request, pajama shirt, $870, and pajama pants, $685; Tom Ford embroidered slippers, price upon request; David Yurman pietersite-and-sterling-silver ring, $650. On Right: Hermès astrakhan overcoat, $55,100; Berluti cashmere suit jacket, wool pants, gloves, and bag, prices upon request; Ascot Chang shirt, $220, and tie, $215.

    Photo 10: Corneliani mink coat, $42,500, and wool pants, $395; Dries Van Noten turtleneck, $327; Hermès steel-and-alligator watch, $19,400.

    Photo 11: Dries Van Noten wool-and-mohair overcoat, $2,838; Bally shearling-and-leather jacket, $7,650, and wool-and-silk tweed pants, $895; Berluti sweater, shirt, boots, and gloves, prices upon request; Corneliani tie, $150.


    Allegri 646.415.8546,
    Ascot Chang 212.759.3333,
    Baade II 609.340.8650,
    Bally 212.751.9082,
    Berluti 212.439.6400,
    Bottega Veneta 212.371.5511,
    Brioni 888.778.8775,
    Brunello Cucinelli 312.266.6000,
    Burberry 212.407.7100,
    Canali 212.842.8700,
    Cartier 800.227.8437,
    Corneliani 800.222.9477,
    David Yurman 212.752.4255,
    Dolce & Gabbana 877.703.4872,
    Dries Van Noten +,
    Ermenegildo Zegna 212.421.4488,
    Fred Leighton 212.288.1872,
    Giorgio Armani 212.988.9191,
    Gucci 800.234.8224,
    Hermès 800.441.4488,
    Isaia 212.245.3733,
    Kiton 212.813.0272,
    Louis Vuitton 866.884.8866,
    Oxxford Clothes 312.829.3600,
    Prada 212.664.0010,
    Ralph Lauren 888.475.7674,
    Salvatore Ferragamo 800.628.8916,
    Scarpe Di Bianco 646.415.8925,
    Stefano Ricci 212.371.3901,
    Thomas Pink 212.838.1928,
    Tom Ford 212.359.0300,
    Zilli 212.207.4028,

    Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Paris,
    Producer: Eléonore Serbin
    Photographer’s assistants: Loc Boyle, Vincent Thomas
    Stylist’s assistant: John Donahue
    Model: Bastiaan Ninaber van Eijben, VNY Model Management
    Grooming: Frederic Kebbabi, B-Agency
    Digital technician: Sascha Heintze
    Captions: Christina Garofalo

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