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FrontRunners: Fine Swine

Pork lovers, rejoice: Spain’s top jamón, Cinco Jotas’s Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, is now available in the United States. Offered by La Tienda (www.tienda.com), a Virginia-based purveyor of foods from Spain, the ham comes from purebred pata negra pigs that are finished on a diet of acorns. The meat is salt-cured and aged three years in a cellar in Jabugo, in western Spain. The result is a fragrant and nutty ham with a satisfyingly meaty texture. A 6- to 7-pound ham is $1,290.

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Photo by Gina Taro
Photo by Francesc Guillamet
Photo by Jill Paider
Photos by (from left) Roger Ball/Getty Images, Gareth Brown/Getty Images, Roger Mastroianni/Getty Images and Ted Morrison
Photo © John Arandhara-Blackwell 2012
Photo by Lesyy