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FrontRunners: Ham in Hand

Those with a taste for richly flavored Mangalica ham no longer have to visit a big-city butcher shop or high-end restaurant such as the Modern or Bar Boulud in Manhattan to order this Spanish treat. Now it is available online, from D’Artagnan (www.dartagnan.com), the specialty-meats purveyor in New Jersey that has made foie gras almost an American staple. D’Artagnan offers 15-pound bone-in hams for $500 or seven-pound boneless hams for $450. Mangalica, which is cured for two to three and a half years, is produced in Spain from its namesake animal, a rare breed of curly-haired pig native to Hungary. The well-marbled meat can be added to salads or used to flavor seafood and other dishes. But with an intense earthy, nutty flavor, it is sublime on its own.

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Photo by Gina Taro
Photo by Francesc Guillamet
Photo by Jill Paider
Photos by (from left) Roger Ball/Getty Images, Gareth Brown/Getty Images, Roger Mastroianni/Getty Images and Ted Morrison
Photo © John Arandhara-Blackwell 2012
Photo by Lesyy