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FrontRunners: Car Audio

The Editors

Ferrari has teamed with Meridian Audio to produce the

Ferrari Meridian F80

Home Entertainment Center (www­.thef80.com), a rare example

of a compact, all-in-one audio system that delivers top quality. The $3,000

F80’s graceful shell contains the same sophisticated circuitry that makes

Meridian’s full-size systems so popular among audiophiles. A DVD/CD player,

AM/FM radio, and optional iPod port provide ample entertainment options.

Meanwhile, the Porsche Design Group, which has been creating luxury items since

the 1970s, is making its first foray into the world of cell phones. The $1,600

P’9521 Porsche Design

cell phone (www­.porsche-design.com),

manufactured by French-based Sagem Communication, currently is available

overseas and will come to the United States early next year. The handset, which

is milled out of a solid aluminum block, activates by recognizing your

fingerprint. It incorporates mineral glass, a scratch-resistant material used in

watch faces.

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