FrontRunners: Rock On

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Instead of simply encrusting its new $1 million laptop with

diamonds, the British bespoke goods company Luvaglio has incorporated a gem into

the computer’s functionality. The new Luvaglio M

laptop (www­ is activated by a diamond

device that the company will integrate into a ring or other type of jewelry. The

PC features a 17-inch LCD screen and 128 gigabytes of drive space. We

presume that when Paul McCartney wrote "Golden Slumbers," a song that appeared

on the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road, he did not envision the

Magniflex gold mattress and pillow (www­ The

Italian company makes its $30,000 king-size and $24,000 queen-size mattresses

with 22-karat-gold yarn and its $1,000 pillow with 22-karat-gold thread.

According to the firm, the bedding is quite comfortable thanks to the use of a

high-tech foam. The items are available in the company’s only U.S. store, which

opened in Manhattan earlier this year.

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