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FrontRunners: T. Total

Green T. House Living (www.greenteahouse.com.cn), a restaurant and teahouse located near the Wenyu River on the outskirts of Beijing, is the latest creation of Chinese master chef JinR. The establishment, which opened this spring following the success of its Beijing predecessor, Green T. House, is set within an 18,000-square-yard compound that resembles a smaller, stylized version of the Forbidden City. The cuisine includes wasabi prawns with baked seaweed, chicken prepared with oolong tea, and a dish called Field of Dreams, which mingles sliced pears, goat cheese, and caramelized walnuts. JinR plans to add a bathhouse and overnight accommodations, hence the word "living" rel="nofollow" in the name.

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Photo by Gina Taro
Photo by Francesc Guillamet
Photo by Jill Paider
Photos by (from left) Roger Ball/Getty Images, Gareth Brown/Getty Images, Roger Mastroianni/Getty Images and Ted Morrison
Photo © John Arandhara-Blackwell 2012
Photo by Lesyy