2005 Holiday Host Guide: Set & Match

  • Nymphenburg Incognito porcelain dinner plate, $1,390, soup plate, $1,290, and cream soup bowl with lid and saucer, $1,700; Meissen Water Birds plate (under soup saucer), $760 for a five-piece setting; Nymphenburg Ted Muehling red coral spoon, $195; Argentia Hatching Baby Crocodile salt-and-pepper shakers, $425; TableArt glass bead placemat, $40; Lalique Diamant cocktail glass, $85; Zelen oval carnelian bowl, $225, and sterling martini picks with vintage Japanese coral and beads, $120 for a set of four.
  • Pampaloni Troia sterling silver tumbler, $430, and sterling cone decanter, $310; Lalique Louvre decanter, $1,065, Diamant decanter, $530, and Diamant glass, $85; Armani Casa Mistic mother-of-pearl rectangular sushi plate, $248, and Gustavo appetizer fork and spoon, $445 for a six-piece set of either forks or spoons.
  • John Hardy Jawan Kuno silver salad bowl, $1,795, Dot Kuno silver salad servers with black palmwood, $225, and Kuno silver tray with bamboo trim, $1,395; Nymphenburg Ted Muehling porcelain Moon Snail bowl, $735, and Shell salt-and-pepper set, $312; Pampaloni Troia sterling cheese cellar, $765, and pitcher, $2,955, and Psychedelic sterling silver tumbler, $375; Anichini Circolo curry linen tea towel, $38.
  • Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Mega handpainted porcelain plates, $395 for a five-piece setting, teapot, $275, thermal cup, $140, and saucer (sold with teacup), $140; John Hardy Dot silver and black palmwood wine goblet, $325; Pampaloni Troia sterling flatware, $620; Armani Casa Nelson blue highball glass, $23, and Gastone wood placemat/tray, $95; Anichini Giedre mushroom linen mat, $33; Noka Vintages Collection single-essence dark chocolates, $39 for a box of 12.
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As these ensembles demonstrate,the juxtaposition of seemingly divergent elements—New World with Old World, classic with contemporary, wood with silver—can produce the most intriguing tableware.

The clean, simple lines of the Chino sterling flatware from Massachusetts silversmith Peter Erickson offset the intense patterns of Robert Haviland & C. Parlon’s porcelain Chateau Or. Decorated with fleurs-de-lis, Renaissance angels, and poetry excerpts, the service recalls plates from the tables of the Loire Valley châteaux where French royalty once wiled away their summers.

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon Chateau Or porcelain Chenonceaux presentation plate, $140, Renaissance dinner plate, $75, Val de Loire dessert plate, $70, bread and butter plate, $50, teacup, $75, and teacup saucer, $25; John Hardy Dot silver granulated wine goblet, $395; Zelen onyx bowl, $75; Peter Erickson Chino sterling silver flatware, $1,300 for a six-piece setting; Argentia silver lioness, $1,150 for a pride of five lionesses; TableArt beige glass bead placemat, $38, napkin, $10, and silver napkin holder, $45 for a set of four.

Although Nymphenburg is one of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufacturers, Ted Muehling’s line, which includes the coral spoons shown here, as well as the Nymphenburg Incognito collection, demonstrates that the Munich company remains current. Designed by Khashayar Naimanan, a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, the Incognito line derives its name from his placement of classic Nymphenburg motifs: The images adorn the underside of the white porcelain plates, where only the host—and whoever washes the dishes—will appreciate them.

The faceted, beveled stems of Lalique’s Diamant glasses and the similarly designed stopper of the matching decanter catch the light brilliantly. The Louvre decanter, which is part of another new collection from Lalique, is curvy, with a traditional profile. In contrast, the crystal and silver Troia pitcher from the Florence company Pampaloni presents a more contemporary shape.

John Hardy’s signature dot pattern, a common feature in his jewelry designs, embellishes the rims of his silver goblets and salad bowl. For his utensils, Hardy has combined silver with such woods as palm and bamboo, lending to these table accessories an element of tropical exoticism that makes them suitable for the dinner parties he hosts at his home in Bali. The snail-shell shapes of the bowl and salt-and-pepper set by Ted Muehling—who, like Hardy, designed jewelry before turning his attention to tableware—were influenced by the rococo flourishes of Nymphenburg’s fine period porcelain.

With Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted Mega, young Danish designer Karen Kjaeldgård-Larsen reinvigorates a classic pattern. She enlarges sections of the Blue Fluted motif, which was created more than 225 years ago, and repositions them on blank white porcelain pieces to form dynamic abstractions. Royal Copenhagen introduced the line in 2000 and every year adds new pieces. Each piece in the service displays a different design.

Tableware Resources Anichini, 888.230.5388, www.anichini.com
Argentia, available at TableArt, 323.653.8278, www.tartontheweb.com Armani Casa, 310.248.2440, www.armanicasa.com
John Hardy, www.johnhardy.com
available at Neiman Marcus, 800.937.6379, www.neimanmarcus.com
Lalique, 800.993.2580, www.lalique.com
Meissen, available at TableArt, 323.653.8278, www.tartontheweb.com
Noka Chocolate, 877.270.8209, www.nokachocolate.com
Nymphenburg, www.nymphenburg-porzellan.de
available at Moss, 866.888.6677, and
TableArt, 323.653.8278, www.tartontheweb.com
Pampaloni, available at Micucci, 877.642.8224, www.micuccicollection.com
Peter Erickson, available at TableArt, 323.653.8278, www.tartontheweb.com
Robert Haviland & C. Parlon, 800.993.2580;
Royal Copenhagen, www.royalcopenhagen.com,
available at TableArt, 323.653.8278, www.tartontheweb.com
Zelen, 323.658.6756

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