High-Design, Energy-Efficient Lighting

  • Milan Wonderoled exhibit
  • Milan Wonderoled exhibit
  • Milan Wonderoled exhibit
  • Milan Wonderoled exhibit
  • Milan Wonderoled exhibit
  • Blossoms
  • Teka
  • I.Rain
  • Wish Tree
  • Flying Ribbon
  • Jorge Arango

Blackbody, a firm located in Toulon, France, creates high-performance lighting using OLED technology (organic light-emitting diodes). The firm now has pushed this technology to spectacular heights, much the way Swarovski did years ago with its Crystal Palace creations. In Milan, Blackbody debuted “Wonderoled,” an exhibit created by Aldo Cibic, a member of the Memphis Group established by Ettore Sottsass in the 1980s, and designer Tommaso Cora to showcase a collection of monumental lighting. Cibic designed four pieces: Wish Tree and Blossom (both $30,240), Flying Ribbon ($20,500), and Teka ($4,600). Designer Thierry Gaugain, who worked with Philippe Starck for many years, contributed I.Rain 401 (price upon request). They are energy-efficient (OLED lighting lasts 14,000 hours) and high-concept, and they can be customized to order. (+, www.blackbody-oled.com)

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