Inventive Casual Woven Furniture

  • Quinta teak/woven chaise with adjustable back.
  • Quinta woven lounge chair w/arms.
  • Quinta teak/woven deep lounge chair w/arms.
  • Quinta teak/woven J seater sofa.
  • Pacific lounge chair w/ottoman and cube.
  • Pacific center module w/cocktail table and ottomans.
  • Pacific cocktail table w/glass.
  • Amari LB lounge chair and ottoman.
  • Amari LB lounge chair and cocktail table.
  • Amari dining armchair and thin edge white table tiop and oasis II.
  • Jorge Arango

Despite the fact that the venerable casual furniture company Janus et Cie has produced its own designs since its inception more than 32 years ago, it often has  been more recognized for its exclusive American representation of designs by the German company Dedon. Now, founder Janice Feldman is making a striking statement by discontinuing that relationship and instead releasing a slew of innovative new collections that promise to put her on the map as a designer to reckon with. Her Pacific collection combines fibers of different widths and hues and weaves them together to create a handsome effect completely new to the world of woven furniture design. A single lounge is $2,500, while modular vignettes can climb past $25,000. Amari ($700–$3,300 per piece) is another woven line, this one quite muscular and sinewy, that has a slightly African safari vibe. And Quinta ($1,100–$2,600 per piece; vignettes averaging about $7,200) has a slim, sturdy profile that vaguely harks back to Scandinavian Modern pieces.  (800.245.2687,

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