Ultimate Home Tour: The Home Theater

    For best-selling author Dean Koontz and his wife, Gerda, attention to detail is everything. Their new residence overlooking the Pacific Ocean, with its flowing floor plan and natural materials, is a low-slung homage to Frank Lloyd Wright. Home theater design guru Theo Kalomirakis expanded on that purity of design in the couple’s Moonlight Theater. The 2,000-square-foot Art Deco fantasy, complete with a marquee, lobby, ticket counter, foyer, and screening room, is based on Wright’s Unity Temple in Oak Park, Ill. “We took a cue from the temple’s stained glass windows and woodwork and adapted them to match the Art Deco style of the rest of the house,” says Kalomirakis.

    No detail was overlooked in the Koontzes’ home theater, which re-creates the glamour of Los Angeles’ old movie palaces. The marquee has a limestone facade; the lobby features Art Deco–style movie posters created by illustrator Phil Parks and wall sconces by architect Michael Graves. The lounge uses exotic woods such as sapele and quilted maple, and bronze and gold leafing adorn the ceiling. Interior designer Jean Ortmayer brought in fabrics by J. Robert Scott and Nancy Corzine to make the theater as luxurious as the rest of the house.

    “The acoustics are very important when I’m designing the architecture of a theater. I’m extremely meticulous when it comes to that,” says Kalomirakis. Genesis Audio, which installed the equipment, included a 13-by-9-foot projection screen with Triad speakers, Lexicon MC-13 surround-sound processors, and a Runco VX-3 projector in the projection booth. “The explosions will shake your pant legs,” says Darryl Peters, service manager at Genesis Audio. “The sound is extremely crisp and intelligible. It’s an amazing experience.” But Kalomirakis’ home theater dreams extend well beyond creating the perfect sound experience. He seeks to recapture the magic of moviegoing. “Not everything is a home theater. There are hierarchies,” he says. “People go to electronics stores, come home with a new set of speakers, and call it a theater. But it’s not just about the equipment—you must create an entire environment.”


    Theo Kalomirakis

    Genesis Audio

    Jean Ortmayer Interior Design

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