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Bombardier Challenger 604


Beginning with the original Challenger 600, Bombardier created a successful family of business jets.   After numerous refinements and upgrades, the Challenger 604 secures the family name in the long-range, business jet market.   Certified in 1995, the 604 provides range, speed, and sophistication and style.

A lot of power can be found in the Challenger 604.   Two General Electric CF34-3B engines propel the jet, each rated at 8,729 lbs of thrust.   This means that with eight passengers, the 604 can fly 3,850 miles, and at .74 Mach.   However, 4,000+ nautical mile legs are possible at 424 ktas (a personal milestone for Canadair) due to new fuel distribution and greater capacity (2,460 gallons).

Like the Challenger 601-3A, the aircraft consists of a glass cockpit: the Collins Pro Line 4.   Six screens (7.25 inches) show left and right primary flight displays, multifunction diplays and EICAS.   The avionics suite also includes pilot-friendly features such as flight director/autopilot systems, HF-9000 high frequency radios, digital air data computers, turbulence detection radar and dual Pro Line 400 all-digital interface comm/nav/ident radios.   All contribute to the ease and comfort of flying.

The Challenger 604’s cabin is very similar to its predecessor’s, 601-3A and -3R.   Although the aircraft’s interior measures 28.3 feet in length, the available cabin space is just short of 17 feet.   The cabin has a generous stand-up height and over 8 feet in width.   At its maximum capacity of 19 passengers, the cabin would be crowded at best, however there is plenty of room with 10-12 passengers.   The space can be configured in a double-club or a forward club/half club/divan arrangement.   Since the 604 has intercontinental range, a deluxe galley and lavatory, and extremely low noise levels are much appreciated by passengers.

The Challenger 604 is one of Bombardier’s most capable aircraft.   Not only is the jet capable of traveling long legs with few to no stops in between, it offers plenty of pilot and passenger amenities that make the trips manageable.   It’s no wonder that Bombardier produced a total of 347 Challenger 604’s, and for ten years (1996-2006).