Three Epicures Host Luxury Sud-Ouest Dinner

  • A banker, a surgeon and a philosopher
    Three Epicures A banker, a surgeon and a philosopher
  • Luxury Dining Entertainment
    Three Epicures Luxury Dining Entertainment
  • A banker, a surgeon and a philosopher
  • Luxury Dining Entertainment

From the Robb Report Luxury Newswire

Three unconventional epicures—a banker, a surgeon, and a philosopher—will come together Monday, October 28, at Mistral restaurant in Sherman Oaks, California, to create the ultimate luxury experience, featuring five courses from the Sud-Ouest.

Jörn Kleinhans—Vice President of an investment firm turned expert owner of Wine Elite—specializes in high-end tasting experiences. He will guide guests through eight wines with a methodology that has inspired thousands of enthusiasts.

Larrian Gillespie—former urologic surgeon and now owner of Jammies Organic Artisanal Jams—has combined physiology and food science to produce a unique line of jams under her Addiction label, which enhance the flavor of each wine served, and produce an unexpected gastronomic experience.

Adam Edmonsond, a sommelier with a background in philosophy, is among the world’s youngest professional speakers on wine at twenty-three.

Tickets are $95. Contact Mistral Restaurant at 818-981-6650 or visit


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