FrontRunners: Hometown Heroes

  • Photo by Jim Trotter
    David Oscarson Lewis and Clark pen Photo by Jim Trotter

    The David Oscarson Lewis and Clark pens ( commemorate the duo’s expedition to the Louisiana Territory, which began in 1804 from St. Louis, the home of the pen-making company. The instruments’ designs incorporate an enamel-on-etched-metal guilloche that the company employs on all its pens. The Meriwether Lewis pen is red and gold with engravings of a compass rose on the barrel and Lewis’ signature on the cap. The Wil­liam Clark pen is blue and silver, has a feather-shaped clip, and bears Clark’s signature on the cap. Each is made of sterling silver and limited to 100 examples. The fountain-pen versions are $4,900 apiece, and the roller-ball pens are $4,700.

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