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Riva Moves the Mille Miglia Out to Sea

The Italian boat company Riva pays homage to the Mille Miglia, the legendary classic car race, with a specially designed boat inspired by the vintage automobiles that compete in the race. The Aquariva Mille Miglia (design concept shown), which will be offered at auction a few days prior to the start of the race in Brescia, Italy, in May 2009, is a redesign of the company’s own iconic 33-foot Aquariva boat. The boat accommodates up to eight passengers and is powered by twin 380-mph engines, and it features a driving seat reminiscent of a sports car, red and steel detailing throughout the exterior, and mahogany and maple decks that also mimic a car’s interior. Only one Aquariva Mille Miglia is being produced, but Riva will take orders for up to 10 additional units. (www.riva-yacht.com)

?Alexandra Foster

Photo by Darin Schnabel
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