The Best of the Best 2003: Audio/Video

  • Robb Report Staff

To develop a home theater unconstrained by space and price, the DVD player of choice is the top-loading TAG McLaren Audio DVD32R. It is gorgeous to behold and built to the constructional standards of the Formula 1 team that shares its name.

The Lexicon MC12B processor continues to best all comers with its signal handling, ease of use, and resistance to obsolescence. It will process any signal up to 12 channels, and an installer can fine-tune it to your room, speakers, and display unit. The MC12B integrates well with Theta’s Dreadnaught II amplifier. In balanced mode, this behemoth provides 200 watts per channel. The components are showcased in a sturdy yet flexible Bell’O AR-880 rack.

Although many installers demonstrate their ingenuity by finding ways to hide equipment, displaying the gear is part of the pride of ownership. This is the case with speakers made by the trendsetting Italian company that first rejected the notion that speakers must be nondescript boxes. The Sonus Faber Cremona range, now complete with a center channel, exemplifies all that is brilliant about the Sonus Faber sound and style. Forgo the maple and opt for the graphite finish.

To view the fruits of this system, use a Reference Imaging Cine-Pro 9x Elite projector firing its images at a Stewart Ultramatte 150 screen. Wire the system with Tara Labs’ Zero Digital range, which includes power cords. A PS Audio Power Director will enhance not only the audio quality but even the visuals.

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