Expert Drivers Made, Not Born

Most automobile drivers establish habits early on in their training, which usually occurs during adolescence. But how many drivers go on to establish mastery of the skills it takes to deal with the most adverse driving situations? Such prowess doesn’t come naturally.

Recent studies suggest that two out of three individuals will be involved in an accident involving an injury during their lifetime. Every year, motor-vehicle traffic accidents are a leading cause of death across all age groups. Distracted, intoxicated, enraged, or simply incompetent drivers behind the wheel of another vehicle are often to blame. Still, even the most experienced driver must admit that the cockpit has become a place of increased demands on attention. Add unpredictable weather or unreliable road conditions to the mix and who wouldn’t admit the need for additional training?

The good news is that conditioning can minimize these dangers. There exist highly trained men and women who have mastered expert techniques for handling the most unstable driving environments. Military and law-enforcement personnel learn the fundamentals of anticipation, mental concentration, and decision making on a closed track using various drills before applying those skills to real-world hazards. Understanding vehicle selection, collision response, multiple weight transfers, corrective skid-control measures, and myriad traction predicaments are all learned intelligences.

Organizations like ACADEMI provide programs offering the same training received by the military and law enforcement, taught by experts in managing the most threatening driving circumstances. Responsible individuals who are concerned about being ready for what the next turn might bring can receive exclusive defensive-driving education in the context of mission-based and team-building instruction. For three nights and two and a half days, individuals get the ultimate schooling in evasive-driving techniques in addition to situational awareness, weapons safety and use, and mission planning and execution. Participants receive one-on-one guidance combined with evenings of gourmet food, fine wine, spirits, and entertainment. The education culminates when the graduate’s eight-person squad executes a final mission against a combatant force.

On the road of life, the best drivers aren’t born that way. They are trained by professionals who have already cleared the path.


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