Backwoods Survival

A camping trip seemed like a great idea. You’ve put in 80-hour weeks for the past three months, prepping for the new launch. The cell phone won’t stop ringing and you’ve logged so many hours in planes, trains, and automobiles that a bit of roughing it in the woods without modern amenities sounds perfect. It also doesn’t hurt that you booked a spa treatment immediately after. Doing your homework, you found an article on the best backwoods guide that money can buy, so of course you booked him. He may be ornery and a bit long-in-the-tooth, but the grey hair and deeply fissured wrinkle-lines spell experience – at least according to the article you read.

You’ve arrived at Norfolk International, but unfortunately your newly commandeered gear was routed to New Orleans. Surely the guide will have everything needed for a couple nights in the woods. After your limousine drops you at the edge of some unnamed, eastern Carolina swamp, you find out that the old timer is an adherent to primitive skills and this won’t be a “glamping” trip, but a sleep-on-the-ground, make-fire-with-friction, Bear Grylls survival trip. Added to the difficulty of roughing it, your guide begins to have chest pains, and soon your (and his) survival depends on the skills you just learned.

skills Participants will learn:

Fire building    
Shelter building
Plant/animal identification    
Primitive weapons
Basic first aid    
Stealth movement
Basic orienteering


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