Counter Intelligence / Hostage Rescue Mission

The X Brigade has waged war on capitalism, demanding all worldly wealth be shared equally among all people. Cyber-attacks on the European exchanges, factory sabotage and oil field shutdown in Asia, and fanning the flames of communism in the Americas, from Argentina to Canada, the X Brigade has become the most formidable adversary to USA.

The CIA, working with MI-6, Mossad, and other international agencies has identified a suspect. Mr. X is the brain and money behind the most complex terror network ever comprised. Transcending religion, Mr. X has united the have-nots of the world; unfortunately, they are legion. Elegant, Oxbridge-educated, exacting skills in 9 languages and Robb Report rich, the terror leader easily moves from country to country; the only notice being taken by social media and the paparazzi.

Despite knowing his identity, when Mr. X arrived at Norfolk International Airport, he was allowed entry in to the U.S. Immediately Special Operations Team Romeo-Romeo was detailed to conduct the surveillance on Mr. X in order to track his movements and hopefully expose a terror cell.

Expecting Mr. X to travel to his rented beach-front mansion on the Outer Banks, Team Romeo-Romeo was surprised to see Mr. X veer off of the highway, down a dead-end road. Tracking him to this remote location in eastern North Carolina, Team RR has Mr. X in sight and await orders.  

skills Participants will learn:

Safe weapons handling    
Moving as multi-person team    
Target identification


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