Personal Defense Scenario/Active Shooter Event

Spring is just around the corner and you’ve received an invitation to a Grand Opening VIP event at the new mega-mall. The kids have been dropped off at practice, so it’s just you and your spouse for a few hours of shopping and entertainment this afternoon. As you arrive, you notice the line of luxury cars awaiting valet service and in the back of your mind you think what an attractive (and easy) target this might be for someone. You’re prepared, as always, with your everyday carry kit (carry/conceal gun and compact flashlight) and your Amex Centurion card but you can’t shake that foreboding feeling that something bad is about happen…
In this Executive Experience, participants will experience a simulated live-shooter event. The physical layout is unknown. Power is cut so visibility becomes an issue. Tensions will run high as husband and wife are separated and tasked to reunite and fight their way to safety.

skills Participants will learn:

Safe weapons handling    
ID’ing targets    
Escape and evasion
How to engage active shooters    
Moving 2-man team
Rendezvous in an unknown environment


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