Save the World / Zombie-pocalypse

A pandemic erupted on Guam turning its victims in to rabid, blood-thirsty animals, attacking and eating everything in sight – including other humans. Previously unseen, the Army at first tried to study the virus but its island facilities were soon overrun, with soldiers succumbing to the virus and attacking their comrades. “Oozers” as they were aptly named for the lime green ooze permeating their skin, seemed impervious to pain, needed no sleep, and seemed unstoppable; eventually all inhabitants of the island were infected and overcome. An Army contamination unit was able to capture a lone survivor in, what seemed, the early incubation period of the virus and hastened to fly her to Fort Detrick for study. En route, something went wrong and the plane carrying her went down somewhere in eastern North Carolina. Since then, communication with the area has ended and no one from the area has been seen. The Naval Special Warfare Command in nearby Norfolk, Virginia has sent a Special Operations task force in to recon the area to determine what has happened…

In this Executive Experience, participants will experience a family-friendly (adult children only) zombie-pocalypse. A mission of reconnaissance soon turns to outright survival for the team and the United States. On the run, defending against an army of living dead Oozers, the team is given the impossible task of collection of the ooze for study and hopeful cure.

skills Participants will learn:

Safe weapons handing    
Mission planning    
Objective-based movement    
Team security


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