Situational Awareness Wherever You Go

Nearly 50 million Americans will travel out of the country this year. Almost half of those trips will be overseas. A quarter of all travelers will take children. But a much more difficult statistic to calculate is how many of those individuals are ready for the dangerous uncertainties that come with international travel.

Today’s international marketplace puts tremendous demands on awareness. Factoring in the constant distractions from technology, ever-shifting political climates, and unpredictable geographies, a traveling executive never knows what he or she might encounter. Even armed with precise data, it is impossible to predict when natural disasters, epidemics, or sudden political turmoil will strike. Few of even the savviest travelers are prepared to handle a fickle weather system or avoid infectious disease, let alone deal with terrorist strikes.

Nevertheless, there are experts trained to manage even the most challenging situations. These knowledgeable men and women know how to protect themselves, not to mention their families and coworkers, from hostile surroundings and criminal actions. Those trained in calamity readiness have the ability to traverse a foreign country safely and have mastered wide-ranging know-how, including communication skills, route analysis, use of itineraries, and proper packing to allow for minimal risk and maximum security during expedition.

Organizations like ACADEMI provide programs offering the same training as that received by experts in coping with the most threatening of circumstances. Civilians who are concerned about protecting what matters most to them can experience exclusive mission-based and team-building instruction. Whether you are interested in surveillance and countersurveillance, avoiding kidnapping, or just general personal safety, there is a mission designed for your needs. For three nights and two and a half days, individuals receive the ultimate schooling in situational awareness, which includes weapons safety and use, evasive driving techniques, and mission planning and execution. Participants receive one-on-one guidance combined with evenings of gourmet food, fine wine, spirits, and entertainment. The education culminates when the graduate’s eight-person squad executes a final mission against a combatant force.

The adverse conditions facing today’s globe-trotter call for bold solutions. The greatest measure of any successful trip is always the unscathed return home.

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