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  1. The new ski collection features the work of modern U.S. artists.
  2. The Italian tailoring house debuts the Alton suit for spring.
  3. A new collection from Vibrational Furniture will launch on 1stdibs on February 18.
  4. Alexander Wang partners with leather manufacturer with a new line of home furniture.
  5. Intelligent questions answered by the experts.
  6. Tieraona Low Dog, MD, advocates an integrative approach to optimal health.
  7. Australia’s second city is first in design.
  8. Zaha Hadid brings architectural flair to her first line of home products.
  9. The unique watch features a hologram of a gold bust of the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  10. After halting production in 2012, Daimler has folded the historic brand under its Mercedes wing…