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  1. To demonstrate how well the Vectrix handles, Dana DeCosta weaves the electric maxi-scooter along a coastal road. “It’s very stable going side to side,” DeCosta, a project manager for the...
  2. Soon after Errett Loban Cord purchased the Duesen-berg company from brothers Fred and August Duesenberg in 1926, he produced an extraordinary series of high-speed touring cars. The Depression cut...
  3. The Greer, Black & Prudhomme is perhaps the most famous top-fuel front-engine dragster of all time and certainly the most successful.
  4. Like fingernails running down a chalkboard, Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” screeches from the speakers of the classroom’s plasma-screen television. Nobody gonna take my car / I’m gonna race it to the...
  5. A 1931 Voisin C20 Simoun Demi-Berline, the only known remaining car of its kind. Price $5.5 million It seems fitting that Gabriel Voisin’s surname should be an anagram for vision, as the French...
  6. In the early 1950s, General Motors designer Harley Earl, fresh from watching world speed records being set at Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats, conceived the Pontiac Bonneville Special. His vision of jet...
  7. ExperiMental, the first racing motorcycle made by Canadian custom bike builder Roger Goldammer. Price $450,000 During his childhood in British Columbia, Canada, Roger Goldammer often helped his...
  8. The Koenigsegg CCX, a made-to-order, 240-plus mph, 806 hp Swedish supercar, customized with the exterior and interior colors of your choice. A private tour of the Koenigsegg factory near Angelholm,...
  9. Among the millions of tales concerning the Emerald Isle is the one about the Aer Lingus captain, who, upon his airliner’s approach to Shannon Airport, advised the passengers, “We will shortly be...
  10. In the very beginning, in the 1880s, while working independently and in separate workshops near Stuttgart, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the first automobiles, which eventually led to the...