For the first time ever, two nominees have tied for the title of Robb Report Car of the Year...
The Giulia Quadrifoglio, the high-performance variant of Alfa Romeo’s new sedan, went on sale in December with a starting price of $72,000.
The top-of-the-line sedan is powered by a biturbo V-6 that churns out more than 500 hp…

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  1. When Bill Lyon competes in vintage races, which he does on a fairly regular basis, he usually drives a Porsche—a 1957 356 Carrera, a 1960 RS 60, or a 1961 Carrera Abarth. But he plans to race in a...
  2. The Cadillac Escalade is the standard-bearer for a uniquely American brand of opulence: It’s substantial, swift, and silent, with bold good looks and acres of chrome. Becker Automotive is an American...
  3. Even before revolution liberated the bodies of numerous highborn Frenchmen from their heads and sent others scurrying to the opposite side of the Atlantic, the cadet sons of noble houses sought the...
  4. 1956 Maserati A6G/54 Berlinetta Before withdrawing from world championship racing in 1957, Maserati moved to the forefront of motorsport competition—alongside rival Ferrari—with the A6G/54 (also...
  5. Quantum Leap is less a motorcycle than a proclamation from its creator, Eddie Meeks. His message is clear: Do not count me out, because I can still blow your mind. "When I decided to reverse...
  6. Roaring Yet Refined Full disclosure: The V12 Vantage was my favorite car of the year. The Aston Martin went to the front of this year’s lineup because of its unmatched aesthetics, long-distance...
  7. No Substitute The GranTurismo just might erase Maserati’s undeserved image of being the Italian car to buy if you cannot afford a Ferrari. Yes, Maserati was once a division of Ferrari, the two...
  8. Hustle and Flow The success of Aston Martin’s sedan-cum-coupe is a matter of seduction by architecture. Its design flows so proportionately that one barely notices the two extra doors. And when...
  9. Driver’s Delight Lotus has always built cars for serious drivers possessing a disdain for excess and a willingness to sacrifice space, amenities, and brute force in deference to a lightweight,...
  10. The following Robb Report readers were among the guests who joined the magazine’s editors and writers in driving, evaluating, and ranking the 2011 Car of the Year candidates. David Arnold is senior...