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  1. Rob Kauffman’s approach to his collection is simple: “Enough jibber-jabber. Let’s drive a car.”
  2. On February 14, a Venom GT supercar by Hennessey Performance ( )...
  3. At the 2014 New York Auto Show, to mark 100 years since the company was founded in Bologna, Italy,...
  4. Founded by the car collectors Peter and Merle Mullin, Southern California’s Mullin Automotive...
  5. The Bentley Hybrid Concept took center stage at this year’s Beijing auto show...
  6. This two-wheeled icon of Italian style has inspired a passionate following since it first rolled...
  7. An imperial chicken cup, the supreme French roadster, Buffalo Bill’s last roundup, and more.
  8. Steve McQueen’s mystique transcends his performance on film or on the track. Now collectors are...
  9. From June 19 through 21, Russo and Steele Collector Automobile Auctions will come back to Newport...
  10. Rolls-Royce used to refer to the horsepower ratings of its cars as “sufficient,” a term that...