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  1. In his Rancho Dominguez, Calif., office, Joe Gonzalez displays an exceedingly rare 1927 Packard that is one of only four surviving examples of its type. “Anyone who sees it stops and stares and doesn...
  2. The Greer, Black & Prudhomme is perhaps the most famous top-fuel front-engine dragster of all time and certainly the most successful.
  3. For years after its introduction, the 1600 Spider represented the defining design of Alfa Romeo. Its boat-tail form was as alluring as that of any Ferrari or other exotic that cost four times as much...
  4. Big Ben Roethlisberger no doubt wishes he had been wearing a helmet when his Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike famously met the business end of a Chrysler New Yorker last summer. But had the Pittsburgh...
  5. Some would argue that the Dino is the most beautiful sports car ever made, and it is an argument that is difficult to counter. The car was named for Enzo Ferrari’s son Dino, who died of muscular...
  6. An interview with Nicola Bulgari cannot be contained to a q uestion-and-answer format. With his enthusiasm and candor he instantly engages me in an impromptu, fast-paced conversation. He becomes...
  7. What a difference pressing a button can make. One jab of the index finger upon the simple gray device that BMW has mounted on the steering wheel of its newest and most exclusive vehicle launches you...
  8. If BMW motorcycles were cars, they would be Porsche 911s. Both are high-end, high-priced forms of transportation that are made in Germany and powered by horizontally opposed engines, but the...
  9. The latest Mondial de l’Automobile—known outside of France as the Paris Motor Show—was genteel, distingué, très chic, and very French. The biennial event, which took place in October, seemed to...
  10. It may be true that, as a BMW spokesman says, the M6 convertible will appeal to the car enthusiast who really appreciates performance, someone who also is an aficionado of airplanes, watches, and...