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  1. In his Rancho Dominguez, Calif., office, Joe Gonzalez displays an exceedingly rare 1927 Packard that is one of only four surviving examples of its type. “Anyone who sees it stops and stares and doesn...
  2. The Greer, Black & Prudhomme is perhaps the most famous top-fuel front-engine dragster of all time and certainly the most successful.
  3. There is a story, perhaps apocryphal, about a man who picked up his new Audi A8 in Los Angeles, drove it across the country at enormous speeds to Miami Beach, and then proudly parked outside Joe’s...
  4. These are good times for Maserati, a company that a dozen years ago was only a few signatures short of bankruptcy and oblivion. Maserati sold almost 6,000 cars last year, which is about 20 percent...
  5. Simone Schedoni has firsthand experience with the fanaticism that Ferraris can engender. In his family’s Schedoni leather-goods factory in Modena, Italy (which is also home to the prancing-horse...
  6. Supercharged Chevrolet 6.2-liter LS 9 V-8 that delivers 640 hp.
  7. Oscar Wilde argued that the only excuse for making something ugly is that it be useful, while the sole justification for an utterly useless object is its inherent beauty. This principle may obtain in...
  8. While veneration is duly accorded to Ferrari and Lamborghini for their iconic, candy-colored beasts, another Italian marque can claim a similar head-turning, race-winning distinction for its vehicles...
  9. Most automakers wait a year or longer before releasing the convertible follow-up to a new coupe, but BMW ( ) is not so patient. Barely three months after introducing the 645Ci, the...
  10. The competition depicted in the following pages marks several milestones. First, it denotes the beginning of the second decade for Robb Report’s "Car of the Year" event (our 11th annual). While the...