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  1. There is a constant battle of sensibilities when creating a custom motorcycle. Appearance considerations are pitted against practical riding concerns, and each builder makes his own determinations...
  2. Ducati first tantalized the faithful in 1964 with the Apollo prototype, a virtual Holy Grail for Ducatisti due to its 4-cylinder desmodromic powerplant. After an agonizingly long wait, the MotoGP-...
  3. To imply that the stock twin-turbo V-12 engines in the current Mercedes-Benz CL65, S65, and SL65 AMG performance models are sufficiently powered would be like saying Johann Sebastian Bach was just a...
  4. Each TLC Icon originates as the bare chassis of a 1958–1983-era Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, a Japanese SUV with legendary off-roadworthiness. But the Icon is much more than just a rebodied throwback;...
  5. Among business-class conveyances, the old-fashioned van is hardly the stuff of CEO daydreams. It is more likely to evoke queasy experiences in airport parking shuttles and sightseeing tour buses...
  6. When Gone in Sixty Seconds —a splashy remake of a low-budget 1974 gear-grinder flick of the same name—premiered in 2000, the film reanimated one of Hollywood’s great movie cars: an overachieving Ford...
  7. The leather-trimmed cabin of the Acura MDX ( ) is a beautiful place to be, even more so when the world outside becomes ugly. Swiss-watch reliable, and laden with advanced safety...
  8. At the Lexus LX 570 assembly plant in Yoshiwara, Japan, master craftsmen oversee final fitting and balance procedures. For quality control, robots shoot 1,300 photos as the vehicles proceed down the...
  9. Finally, a Jaguar that embraces the purity of its past and just might rekindle devotion to a brand following a decade of confusion and disappointments. What elevates the Jaguar XF (
  10. Mercedes-Benz’s new and mighty 6.3-liter V-8, built by performance division AMG, has slipped fully into the company’s product mainstream, seemingly powering everything Mercedes has to offer, from the...