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  1. Familiar Finish The R8, in various variants, has competed in four of the last seven Car of the Year...
  2. No Contest Though we have been involving readers in our Car of the Year events for a decade, we...
  3. Dual Purpose The handsome, quick, and practical BMW M6 Gran Coupe placed first among the four-door...
  4. Daily Beast Porsche was the only brand with two horses in the 2014 Car of the Year competition, and...
  5. A Cut Above Porsche seems to have cast the Cayman as an automotive Cinderella, forcing it to assume...
  6. It had been a long time since Jaguar built a sports car—some four decades, in fact.
  7. Stingray, a Chevrolet designation first given to a Corvette in 1963, has become a synonym for...
  8. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, which has been in production longer than any other current luxury sedan...
  9. No longer content with selling a few thousand cars per year in the United States, Maserati is...
  10. OUR SPONSORS Robb Report wishes to thank the following companies for their support of the 2014 Car...