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  1. Although the Panoz name has been associated exclusively with Le Mans racing, the Panoz Esperante, a race-ready performer that can double as a daily driver, has expanded the realm of the Georgia-based...
  2. If you were to blend an American heavyweight with an Italian superbike, the result would be the Ecosse Heretic. The $44,800 machine boasts the brawny appearance of a custom cruiser and the...
  3. If the Porsche Cayenne Turbo did not have a 450-hp engine, if it did not possess a 165-mph top speed, and if it could not outrun every SUV and most sports cars on the planet, it would still be the...
  4. The civility of the $48,310 Lincoln Navigator is evident before you even set foot in the SUV. When you open any of the Navigator’s doors, running boards automatically and graciously deploy to aid in...
  5. Being in the Volkswagen Touareg is like relaxing in your house: Everything is exactly how and where you want it. Switches are aligned perfectly with your hand. Electronic displays and chrome-rimmed...
  6. The audacious styling of the space-age Infiniti FX45 might prompt many to think that the production SUV is a concept car. Its bold, toothy prow, hunched hindquarters, and oversize 20-inch wheels seem...
  7. For all of the braggadocio exhibited by its muscle-bound, boxlike exterior, the Hummer H2’s interior is surprisingly modest: no hand-stitched leather, no wooden steering wheel, no audiophile sound...
  8. The openings in the Washington lawyer’s appointment book were becoming increasingly scarce. Meetings piled up, cases kept coming, and the workdays stretched into the evenings. Realizing that to keep...
  9. Canepa Design has transformed the oversize Tonka truck known as the Hummer H2 into the $100,000 Canepa Hummer H2. An application of a monochromatic paint scheme tones down the H2’s assortment of...
  10. Take a narrow-body Porsche 911, insert heavily modified turbochargers, replace the exhaust and intakes with deeper breathing units, remap the engine management system, graft on more efficient and...