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  1. Charles and Judy Tate assembled a world-class collection of Latin American art—and then gave it all away.
  2. Visitors trekked to Maastricht, the Netherlands, for the March opening day of the European Fine Art Fair.
  3. The 13 new portraits include images of Douglas Cramer, Judy Garland, and Ernesto Esposito.
  4. The finest art, boats, cars, furnishings, and jewelry are all on offer under one roof.
  5. Glass is impervious to sun damage, and its beauty is only enhanced by natural light.
  6. The ultrarare sculpture is one of the few castings that remain in private hands…
  7. During his short life, the German artist Franz Marc (1880–1916) was at the cutting edge of modern art. The painter and printmaker, who died in combat during World War I, started out painting...
  8. Sebastian Brajkovic explores the passage of time with his intricate furnishings.
  9. Exclusive Resorts has teamed with Leica to offer photography workshops in Southern California.
  10. Street photography is stepping into a thrilling new era.