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  1. Outside the audio industry, the name Niro Nakamichi may not be recognized, but within the business, he is held in the highest esteem. For nearly three decades his family’s company has been producing...
  2. Ribbon speakers produce the upper frequencies—the most important segment of the sound spectrum—with superb speed and clarity, which is exactly why Michael Kelly is partial to them. The president and...
  3. When you think of speakers, you probably picture a box. Whether its casing has a natural wood veneer or is painted a glossy black, or whether the grille protecting the drive units is cloth or foam,...
  4. Think of the Sonora, an electronics cabinet created by Sensorial Design (+39.0922.44.14.36, ) of Sicily, as the body of a violin—albeit a very large violin at 8 feet tall, 13/4...
  5. When we pleaded in the November 2002 issue (Personal Technology) for electronics manufacturers to produce universal disc players—machines that read CD, SACD, and DVD-Audio formats—we had no idea how...
  6. To develop a home theater unconstrained by space and price, the DVD player of choice is the top-loading TAG McLaren Audio DVD32R . It is gorgeous to behold and built to the constructional standards...
  7. However enveloping surround sound feels, the pinnacle for pure music playback resolutely remains stereo. Purists believe that the only way to listen to music is with the venerable vinyl LP. With more...
  8. Today, an audio system can emphasize aesthetics without compromising sonics because manufacturers of traditional (read: massive and utilitarian) audiophile electronics have learned to downsize...
  9. An all-in-one home cinema in which everything is included save speakers and a monitor can almost provide a full-scale theater experience. The advantage of the former is a more room-friendly system...
  10. As a boy growing up in England, James Dyson’s fascination with vacuum cleaners began with the high-pitched scream of the motor and the odor of dust that permeated the room. His life’s work, to...