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Stereotypical speakers look nothing like these high-priced monoliths of sound and beauty…

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  1. Jabra Stone ($130) This Bluetooth headset is easy to love. The microphone and earpiece deliver flawless audio for callers on both ends of the line, and it is among the smallest and lightest headsets...
  2. PMA-A100 ($2,500) This integrated amp is the ideal hub for Denon two-channel gear. Denon placed the preamp and output circuitry independent from the transformer coils to minimize electrical...
  3. MC452 ($7,500) McIntosh does hi-fi well—really well—but it does amplifiers beyond compare, and the MC452 is the newest testament to that fact. It uses McIntosh Autoformer technology to deliver its...
  4. M600 ($53,000) Technical Audio Devices’ new M600 monaural amp is a beast by any definition—it delivers a whopping 600 watts of power at 4 ohms. It utilizes single-stage voltage amplification in a 77-...
  5. The $6,000-per-pair Reference 3.5 loudspeakers ( ) from Anthony Gallo Acoustics are striking, but they are under 3 feet tall and do not dominate a room. Gallo has taken elements...
  6. Technical Audio Devices avoided ambiguity when naming its new loudspeaker, the Compact Reference. It is what its moniker says it is: a compact version of the company’s Reference One, a world-class...
  7. The Regen ReVerb may be the only iPod speaker system that can play at party levels without consuming a penny’s worth of electricity. A photovoltaic panel on the back of the $2,299 ReVerb charges the...
  8. The problem with the minuscule depth of TVs from today’s leading manufacturers—the profile of Samsung’s new top-of-the-line Series 9 LED-backlit models measures less than one-third of an inch—is that...
  9. In June, UK mobile-phone manufacturer Vertu opened a boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The store—the company’s third retail outlet in the United States—carries classic Vertu designs and...
  10. Bang & Olufsen product owners likely value aesthetic presence as much as they value high-quality audio reproduction. Having this in mind, the Danish manufacturer unveiled its BeoLab 11. Its...