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  1. Known for its professional-grade cameras, the Swedish manufacturer Hasselblad is now taking a shot at the high-end amateur market with its new Hasselblad H4D-40 ( ). Launched in...
  2. While McIntosh Labs is best known for the hi-fi products in its model lineup that contribute to the flawless reproduction of two-channel music, the Binghamton, NY, manufacturer has, in recent years,...
  3. With its onboard digital amplification and signal processing, the new Harman Kardon GLA-55 speaker system ( ) delivers desktop audio that could please even the most ardent...
  4. Monster Cable’s line of metal-bodied Turbine and Turbine Pro in-ear headphones have become a favorite of musicians, record producers, and audio engineers, so it is only fitting that the company’s...
  5. Leica has a loyal following among professional photographers, many of whom still cling to the German manufacturer’s film models. But the company’s newest flagship camera, the M9, finally and...
  6. From its 71-hp 3-cylinder engine to its box-shaped proportions, the Smart Fortwo maintains every facet of minimalist methodology. The car is intentionally designed for those looking to scale down,...
  7. Compact home theater speaker systems suffer a dismal reputation for sound quality, but excellence can hardly be expected from inexpensive plastic boxes. Still, there are many who would enjoy a...
  8. In the last three years, Magico has emerged as one of the high-end audio industry’s premier speaker brands. While all of the company’s products combine elegant industrial design and impeccable...
  9. To eliminate vibration in the Goldmund Eidos Reference Blue ( ), the manufacturer encased the 66-pound Blu-ray disc player in brass and aluminum and attached it to four spring-loaded...
  10. Aesthesis will make 100 pairs of its new $90,000-per-set Gramophone speakers ( ), which the hi-fi manufacturer spent four years developing. The approximately 4-foot-tall loudspeakers...