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  1. When hanging on a wall, Bang & Olufsen’s new BeoVision 10 resembles a work of art as much as it does a television. But hanging seems an inappropriate term for describing how B&O’s latest...
  2. Vertu’s first flip phone, the Constellation Ayxta ($6,500-$8,600), was created to be the jetsetter’s essential travel companion. In addition to Vertu’s Concierge and Select services, the...
  3. Wolf Cinema builds video projectors exclusively for high-end custom home theaters. The $85,000 DCX-1000i occupies the middle position in the company’s line of three projectors. Its 1,000-watt xenon...
  4. The Sound Carrier 300 B Aurum tube amplifier ( ) by Croatian manufacturer Technical Center Krklec is not for everyone. The amp (priced at $17,930 for a pair of mono...
  5. THE GIFT A one-of-a-kind IMAX home theater conceived by designer Theo Kalomirakis in collaboration with IMAX. $1.8 MILLION In a 1989 article, the New York Times described the 10-seat, 1,000-square-...
  6. McIntosh Labs’ Reference System loudspeakers stand 7 feet tall and weigh more than 450 pounds apiece. Thus, McIntosh’s latest release—its first-ever tabletop audio system—may come as a surprise. The...
  7. Modern clocks are as rich in technical detail as watches, and certainly richer in history. Yet they lag behind in popularity. The most avid aficionados of these highly accurate objets, unlike many...
  8. Scott Slavis, a Las Vegas–area watch collector, recently acquired a massive clock and watch winder by the renowned German clockmaker Erwin Sattler. This imposing piece is encased in a desk and...
  9. The first cellular phone call was made in 1973 on a handset that weighed 2.5 pounds and stood 9 inches tall. Soon thereafter, cell phones became symbols of wealth and status; early users paid top...
  10. Many people have grown accustomed to storing all of their media—music, movies, etc.—on computers. But computers hardly have a reputation for user-friendliness. The new Sunfire Theater Grand Media...