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  1. Who thought up that maxim about form following function? Was it Henry Ford? Albert Einstein? Tiny Tim? I can’t remember, but whoever it was, he was a hell of a bore—the kind of guy who would go on...
  2. Radio Advantage Options for retrofitting a residence with a home automation system have been very limited for homeowners who cannot bear the thought of invasive, inside-the-walls wiring. One solution...
  3. Even with the myriad display technologies currently capturing our collective attention—DLP, LCOS, plasma, and others—the faithful, time-honored CRT projector remains the king of picture quality,...
  4. Future-Proof Component The preamp/processor, the heart of any home theater system, is a constantly evolving beast. Every few months new technologies roil the industry and make processors purchased...
  5. The most significant new product of the past year is a component regarded by many as a mere add-on, not a primary part of the audio chain. However, the role of the subwoofer has shifted from...
  6. Updated Tradition Audio Research, under the aegis of William Z. Johnson, has seen tube amplifiers go in and out of fashion since the original high-end revolution 30 years ago. In recent years, the...
  7. David Wilson holds up a Leica M6, marveling at the camera’s timeless design and precision-tooled quality. It is the same reverence he displays as he carefully chooses his words to describe his...
  8. Eighteen years after the prediction that CDs would kill off vinyl, the turntable is still spinning. Whatever the reason—romance, cachet, or sheer recalcitrance—we continue to support an analog format...
  9. The latest additions to the Crestron Isys system give homeowners a level of control and flexibility never before available. The 5-inch TPS-2000L and the 6-inch TPS-3000L touch-sensitive LCD video...
  10. Ultimate Ears has introduced earphones that should appeal to professional musicians as well as iPod listeners. The devices are custom-made to fit your ears, thus sealing out noise and practically...