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  1. In hi-fi audio, horn speakers are the flamboyant entertainers whose flashy colors and oversize gestures defy you to overlook them. Their kinetic performances, too, are outsize and in-your-face, yet...
  2. Because watching a DVD is barely worth the effort if you can’t hear it in surround sound, most media rooms disperse the sound with two front speakers, a center, two rears, and a subwoofer—what is...
  3. We doubt if anyone makes a New Year’s resolution to watch more movies. Considering some of the gear that will be available next year, however, we would understand if you did. Linn already provides a...
  4. Sim2 begins a new era in television design with the Grand Cinema RTX, a rear-projection trapezoidal DLP monitor that features wide shoulders and a dramatically tapered base. The most attractive...
  5. For anyone who has considered adding astronomy to his or her list of hobbies, now is as good a time as ever to take the first step. Late this summer, Mars will pass closer to Earth than at any time...
  6. Audiophile-grade cables—the elaborate wires that connect the components in an audio/video system—have done more to undermine the credibility of specialty audio than any technology, product, or claim...
  7. A typical home theater includes six to eight speakers and a like number of electronic components, which must be interconnected with at least five different types of wire and configured to operate...
  8. As the lights dim at Disneyland’s Honda ASIMO Theater in Anaheim, Calif., a blue curtain rises to reveal what appears to be the set of a sitcom. A living room connects to a home office, stairs lead...
  9. Instead of simply encrusting its new $1 million laptop with diamonds, the British bespoke goods company Luvaglio has incorporated a gem into the computer’s functionality. The new Luvaglio M laptop (...
  10. Ferrari has teamed with Meridian Audio to produce the Ferrari Meridian F80 Home Entertainment Center ( www­ ), a rare example of a compact, all-in-one audio system that delivers top...