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Stereotypical speakers look nothing like these high-priced monoliths of sound and beauty…

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  1. Do not, implores Tom DeVesto, call it retro. The Model One table radio may harken back to the 1950s, with its analog tuning dial, single 3-inch speaker, and mere three dials, but its sound is...
  2. The clear performance of the C2 and C4 (shown) loudspeakers, the initial models in Dynaudio’s revamped Confidence series ( ), is as pleasing as the fact that these speakers don’t...
  3. Tube amplifiers were supposed to be passé by now. Following World War II, transistor, or solid-state, amplification was to be the order of the day. Transistors were expected to replace vacuum tubes...
  4. Mark Levinson’s 400 Series single-channel amplifiers are handsome, but at nearly 18 by 20 inches, they are too portly for tight spaces. For audiophiles needing a smaller profile, Levinson ( www...
  5. The inner workings of speakers are finally being exposed, and unlike sausage processing or lawmaking, it is a welcome sight. Waterfall Audio ( ) has introduced a line of...
  6. When the British hi-fi company Chord debuted the first component in its distinctive Choral Series a year ago, reaction was immediate: “Give us more!” The unconventional dimensions of the digital-to-...
  7. Home-Projector Technology continues to evolve, which is good news for consumers longing for improved performance and simplified installation and operation. It is especially welcome for home theater...
  8. Outside the audio industry, the name Niro Nakamichi may not be recognized, but within the business, he is held in the highest esteem. For nearly three decades his family’s company has been producing...
  9. Ribbon speakers produce the upper frequencies—the most important segment of the sound spectrum—with superb speed and clarity, which is exactly why Michael Kelly is partial to them. The president and...
  10. When you think of speakers, you probably picture a box. Whether its casing has a natural wood veneer or is painted a glossy black, or whether the grille protecting the drive units is cloth or foam,...