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  1. The erudite engineers of Carson City, Nev.-based Wisdom Audio have begun delivering the first on-wall speakers of its namesake Wisdom line: the LS4 and its slightly smaller sister, the LS3. In...
  2. For more than 40 years, Crestron Electronics has produced industry-leading home-automation systems. Today, those systems enable homeowners to control every electronic aspect of their dwelling—from...
  3. Sharp has just released its largest LED television yet. Standing nearly 4 feet tall and stretching more than 6 feet wide, the 90-inch Aquos LED TV (approximately $11,000) remains thin and light (at...
  4. German-based camera maker Leica has collaborated with Parisian fashion house Hermès on a pair of limited-edition cameras: the Leica M9-P Edition Hermès, priced at $25,000 and limited to 300 pieces;...
  5. Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has created a more rugged version of its smartphone, which debuts in stores this month. The 152-year-old brand, known for its partnership with Formula 1 and its race-...
  6. Boutique Danish speaker maker Davone just began shipping to U.S. dealers its compact Mojo speakers, which are suitable for placement on a bookshelf, table, or stand and also can be mounted on-wall...
  7. Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry has teamed up with the design arm of German automaker Porsche to create the Porsche Design P’9981 smartphone. The $2,000 P’9981 takes BlackBerry’s Bold...
  8. According to Meridian Audio cofounder Bob Stuart, his company’s newest digital-signal-processing (DSP) loudspeaker, the M6, produces “world-class sound that all but disappears in the room.” The M6...
  9. Many audiophiles felt they missed the bus when Italian speaker maker Sonus faber sold out of all 30 pairs of its $200,000 statement speaker (simply called the Sonus faber”) within a few short months...
  10. B&O Play is a new Bang & Olufsen division focused on personal media playback, and its first product, the Beolit 12, is a playful take on the boom box. The 9-by-7-by-5-inch portable music...