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  1. The Devialet D-Premier ( ), a 1.25-inch-thick, 240-watt-per-channel stereo amplifier made in France, remains as cool as it looks. Audiophile amps are ranked by design type, with...
  2. For music reproduction, few loudspeakers compare with the two-channel Utopia models made by French hi-fi manufacturer Focal-JMlab. However, until recently the company had yet to offer a center-...
  3. Alfred Vassilkov, who is well known throughout Europe for both his speaker and crossover designs, is the mastermind behind Alfred & Partners and its newest brand, Estelon. The Estonian company’s...
  4. Burmester unveiled its 838 Phono Preamplifier more than 20 years ago. Today, the German brand, long known for its state-of-the-art electronics, has applied such wisdom to produce another masterpiece...
  5. This desktop audio system from British hi-fi staple Meridian comprises two separate components: the $3,000 Audio Core 200 stereo controller and the $6,000-per-pair DSP3200 loudspeakers. The team at...
  6. The elegant, 250-pound Magico Q3 loudspeaker is the award-winning company’s latest product to deliver music as recording engineers and artists intended it to sound. The three-way floorstanding...
  7. Much of the roughly 700-pound weight of the new 5-foot-7-inch-tall Sonus Faber Flagship loudspeaker ( ) rests in the huge vibration conveyors at the cabinet’s top and bottom. The...
  8. Rare is the product that achieves legendary status through groundbreaking performance and longevity in the marketplace. On the automotive scene, we have the Porsche 911. The watch realm has its Rolex...
  9. San Francisco–based music-server expert Olive Media has just begun delivering its new flagship, the 06HD. While Olive has been a respected name in the industry since its founding in 2005, this...
  10. A cross between a Victorian-era penny-farthing and a Segway, the electric YikeBike ( ) can travel as far as six miles at speeds approaching 16 mph on a single charge. A rider sits...