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  1. Equip your office or home with a computer created by VoodooPC, and some might regard it as evidence of a midlife crisis. With chassis painted in vibrant colors like Imola pearl orange or Laguna Seca...
  2. Digital cameras are about the size of a wallet and are just as easy to operate. Preview screens provide infinite opportunities to get a photo right, and features such as Sony’s Night Shot and...
  3. Despite the immediate success of the 6108, the world’s only mobile phone with handwriting recognition, which debuted in Asia earlier this year, Nokia ( ) maintains that it does not...
  4. Regardless of the advanced capabilities that a digital camera offers, pixel size and resolution ultimately determine the size of the prints that it can produce. While a camera may enable you to shoot...
  5. An unintended consequence of the recent surge in popularity of portable audio players has been a renewed interest in headphones. When Sony created personal hi-fi with the Walkman almost 25 years ago...
  6. Simulated golf computer games have never been top-sellers, mainly because hardcore gamers prefer shoot-’em-ups, and hardcore golfers prefer the real thing. But on those days when the only birdies on...
  7. The Ferrari Art.Engine music system (435.649.3458, ) might represent the most radical rethinking of the high-end audio system. It incorporates 16 carbon-fiber woofers, 200-watt...
  8. Steinway Music System While developing its first music system, Steinway & Sons was concerned more with pleasing piano owners than with satisfying hard-core audio enthusiasts. The company...
  9. The Samsung K5 MP3 player (800.726.7864, ) is the world’s first MP3 player with built-in speakers. The speakers are cleverly concealed by a split-case design in which the back half of...
  10. Panasonic 103-Inch Plasma TV Panasonic’s 103-inch plasma TV took our breath away the first time we saw it demonstrated, even though the presentation took place in the company’s Secaucus, N.J.,...