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  1. Last fall, Technogym released the Artis—a treadmill that employs the Italian company’s Unity digital control console, which runs on a platform based on Google’s Android operating system.
  2. Auralic , a relative newcomer to the audio scene, has taken the hi-fi world by storm in the last few years with a portfolio of front-end equipment that combines audiophile-grade sound quality with...
  3. Two years ago, when Boulder Amplifiers first delivered its 3050 monoblocks —the manufacturer’s $205,000-per-pair flagship power amps, which were included in Robb Report ’s Best of the Best for 2013—...
  4. Until recently, wireless audio technology was unable to deliver sound quality approaching that of a traditional wired system. However, thanks to the introduction of a new wireless standard developed...
  5. The Scottish audio-product manufacturer Linn , which is widely known in audiophile circles for its legendary Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, unveiled a top-of-the-line music system. The Linn Klimax Exakt...
  6. Compared to the company’s roughly 5.5-foot-tall, 250-pound flagship Aida speaker, the new Sonus Faber Olympica speakers ( ) are a better fit for most homes. Though they are smaller...
  7. The $2,000 Klipsch Stadium music console ( ) may look unimposing, but the sound that the 28.5-pound, 21-inch-wide system produces is considerable. With a 400-watt onboard digital...
  8. A person who spends a reported $1.2 billion to build the world’s largest yacht is not likely to settle for second best. Eclipse —a Blohm & Voss boat that was delivered in 2010 and is still, at...
  9. Digital-cinema purists will appreciate the SIM2 Multimedia Grand Cinema Superlumis ( ), a new $60,000 three-chip digital-cinema projector. Instead of the LED-lighting engine and 4K...
  10. For the majority of audiophiles, the MP3 format falls far short on fidelity. These severely compressed music files are designed for maximum storage on mobile devices, such as Apple’s iPod, almost all...