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  1. Flat-panel TVs can hide in credenzas, in ceilings, under beds … and behind mirrors. The Pantel Mirror TV functions as a mirror when it is turned off, but when the power goes on a TV image appears...
  2. Video experts may debate whether or not Bang & Olufsen’s BeoVision 4 is the greatest television ever created, but it is without a doubt the most spectacular. The 103-inch plasma screen delivers a...
  3. Given that Cary Audio has been building its CAD 211amplifier for 17 years, and that the CAD 211 itself is based on circuit designs dating back to the 1940s, it can safely be called a classic. The...
  4. “Now you see it, now you don’t,” is not Ad Notam’s tagline, but it should be. The German company produces mirrors that, at the touch of a button, become high-resolution LCD monitors. Ad Notam’s...
  5. If there were any doubts about the IQ of today's smartphones, they were expunged by a recent experience: Having spent countless hours over two weeks trying to get a new Windows Vista PC and Outlook...
  6. Jason Lord, co-owner of the Source Audio/Video Group in Torrance, Calif., recalls the day in 1993 when he broke his back. "The casualties of big-box speakers," he says. "I just moved one of the...
  7. The ViV Laboratory Evanui Signature loudspeaker ( ) may look decorative, but its shape serves a purpose: It has no corners to interfere with the sound waves oscillating within its...
  8. An audio enthusiast who wishes to connect an iPod to a high-end sound system may blanch when faced with one of the flimsy plastic iPod docks sold in most stores. The Art.Suono from David Wiener...
  9. Toshiba’s Regza ZV650 series, launched this month, is the first TV line to feature Dolby Volume. Whether you’re watching a quiet drama set in 19th century England, or a boisterous reality show, Dolby...
  10. Peachtree Audio’s Nova integrated amplifier combines an old technology—vacuum tubes—with the very latest in digital audio technology. The Nova is an 80-watt-per-channel amplifier that connects to...