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  1. Runco’s new, 103-inch PlasmaWall XP-103DHD ( ) is the company’s largest flat-panel TV. Priced at about $100,000, it incorporates a number of Runco’s proprietary technologies, including...
  2. The Mako computer speaker system ( ) delivers the most enveloping and robust performance we have heard from a unit of this kind. The system (below) bears the marque and displays the...
  3. When a Ukraine resident wanted his MartinLogan Summit loudspeakers to match the all-white interior of his home, he turned to the new MartinLogan Custom Shop ( ), through which he...
  4. Just as anyone who bought a Betamax videocassette recorder 20 years ago eventually found little to play in it, the roughly 3.5 million owners of high-definition television sets may have scant...
  5. Just as compact discs began replacing audiocassette tapes some 20 years ago, Super Audio Compact Disc (SACD) or Digital Video Disc-Audio (DVD-A) or both of the relatively new formats should commence...
  6. As soon as you have installed your home theater or audio system, it is time to think about updating it. The sad truth is that technology evolves at such a rapid clip that new equipment and...
  7. Wives (sorry, but it is always the woman) have been waging war against speakers for decades. They do not want them intruding into their living space. They even hate the gorgeously styled speakers...
  8. An undeniable revolution in sound reproduction has begun. A new all-digital sound projector (first available from Pioneer), featuring innovations from the British technology research company 1Limited...
  9. I realize that people tend to lose track of time as they get older, but has it really been that long since the introduction of DVD? It has only been a couple of years since the medium really took off...
  10. Since the dawn of specialty audio, interior designers have been hiding speakers in cabinets, in walls, behind fur-niture, and anywhere else to keep them out of sight. Morel (800.MOREL.14, www.morel...