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  1. Two hours and 30-some dishes into the lavish meal, the kitchen door opens and the chef emerges. His gauzy white pants and a flowing white shirt, unbuttoned midchest, replace traditional chef whites,...
  2. Kopi Luwak, with a price tag of about $175 a pound roasted, just may be the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. But it’s not the cost that some coffee lovers will find hard to swallow. The...
  3. Normand Laprise was referring to himself, not the tall chef’s hat, when he named his restaurant Toqué! In Montreal, the word is also used to describe someone who’s a little out of his mind with an...
  4. Now and then a hardworking visionary comes along and defines the goals and standards of an entire generation. Among chefs, Alain Ducasse is that man. The 45-year-old Castelsarrasin, France, native is...
  5. The Restaurant Plaza Athénée at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris is more than just a study in elegance. While the decor is striking—the formal antique style was coordinated by Patrick Jouin—the heart...
  6. Sophisticated chocoholics know where to get their fix, and it has nothing to do with a trip to Pennsylvania. Those who take their cocoa as seriously as their wine have come to appreciate the...
  7. If you are craving pub food, consider the Stagg Inn and Restaurant (+44.1544.230.221) in the rural village of Titley, in the county of Herefordshire, England. It is the first and so far only British...
  8. Like Alice stepping through the looking glass, walking into Mantra, a new Indian-nuanced French restaurant in downtown Boston, provides entry to a hip, stylish Wonderland. The experience begins with...
  9. If the usual burger and fries have become too boring to bear, consider the most imaginative dish on the menu at Le Méridien at Beverly Hills hotel: the caviar burger. A layered concoction of be-luga...