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  1. In the fall of 2005, after a 12-month renovation, the historic Hotel des Bergues reopened as the Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues. The hotel’s decor borrows its watery palette from the lake: Shades of...
  2. Since 1867, the Amstel has been a fixture on the banks of its namesake river in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The hotel became an InterContinental property in 1981 and since has reduced the number of...
  3. In 19th-century Vienna, anybody who was anybody lived near Hofburg palace, the Habsburg family’s royal residence on the Austrian capital’s Ringstrasse. With the recent opening of the Ritz-Carlton,...
  4. The majestic hotels that gleam like beacons of refuge amid the bustling boulevards of the world’s metropolises entice the traveler with their picturesque panoramas and storied pasts (see “The Robb...
  5. Travelers have any number of hotel ratings systems at their disposal, offering stars, diamonds, and even crowns to compare properties from Dubai to Des Moines. More often than not, however, such...
  6. The country sport of deer stalking is a time-honored tradition in the Scottish Highlands. Unlike many forms of hunting, in which participants wait in hiding for their prey, stalkers in Scotland...
  7. The A-Star B3’s rotors thumped rhythmically and whipped faint clouds of powdery snow around the group huddled close to the ground. For a moment the blustery peak was cloaked in a cacophony of...
  8. I am standing in the shadows of the 11,000-foot-high Tête du Ruitor, staring down a spectacular powder ribbon along the French Alps’ Invernet Glacier.
  9. In his memoir Christ Stopped at Eboli , the Italian artist and antifascist activist Carlo Levi told the story of his capture and imprisonment by Mussolini’s government during World War II. Rather...
  10. An every-leaf-in-its-place French garden would seem out of place at the new Domaine de la Baume in Provence. The 99-acre resort—formerly the country estate of the 20th-century French expressionist...