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Search results

  1. Architects W. Hamilton Beattie and A.R. Scott designed the Balmoral hotel in grand baronial style in 1895 as a visual transition between the city’s medieval center and the neoclassic vernacular of...
  2. Baden-Baden, Germany, has been a fashionable terminus for spa-goers ever since the Romans discovered hot water bubbling out of the ground there almost 2,000 years ago. Opened in the late 1800s as a...
  3. Even in a city renowned for the colorful, free-form architecture of Antonio Gaudí and his compatriots, the glass-and-steel Hotel Arts stood out as an instant landmark when it rose on the Barcelona...
  4. Ivana Stehlikova scans the assortment of books, CDs, and DVDs in the library at Prague’s Aria Hotel. As the music director for the Aria, a 52-room boutique property on the Czech Republic capital’s...
  5. The Baur au Lac’s 160-year reign as the best accommodation in Zurich, Switzerland, can be attributed in part to the hotel’s equivalent of pole position: on Lake Zurich (au lac) and fronting the...
  6. French hoteliers Jocelyne and Jean-Louis Sibuet converted four 14th-century buildings into this stylish retreat in Lyon, the second-largest city in France. Cour des Loges reopened in 2000 with 62...
  7. Every May, directors, producers, critics, and actors vie for rooms at Hotel Martinez, the premier address in Cannes, France. The Art Deco-style hotel overlooks the Bay of Cannes a few blocks from...
  8. In an age of stripped-down modernism, the new Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is a glorious throwback to well-appointed comfort. While the five suites and 21 rooms feature giant plasma-...
  9. From the rooftop bar of the Caravelle Hotel, Vietnam War correspondents watched U.S. Air Force jets streaking over enemy strongholds on the outskirts of Saigon. Today, the Caravelle’s bar endures as...
  10. Once the private home of Maharaja Gaj Singh II, the Umaid Bhawan is a 215,000-square-foot sandstone marvel set within 26 acres of gardens in Jodhpur, India. The property also has a museum, marble...