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  1. In Hotel Le Regina’s La Rotisserie restaurant, old Warsaw is alive and well with such Polish classics as gefilte fish with cod, pot au feu, and, on Sundays, “linner,” the city’s take on the late...
  2. During his brief reign as emperor of Mexico in the mid-1860s, Austrian-born Maximilian I ordered the construction of a wide boulevard that would traverse the country’s capital in the same fashion...
  3. Thalassotherapy goes to new depths at this decadent new over-water spa. And thalasso junkies are taking note. They’re flocking to Bora-Bora not for the island but for the spa. Designed by Algotherm,...
  4. Miraval spa has undergone a metamorphosis. Owner, and AOL guru, Steve Case emphasizes the importance of lifestyle, wellness, and mindfulness—the art of living in the moment. To head this new...
  5. When owner Mel Zuckerman had the idea to open this now-famous, high-luxe spa back in 1979, everyone (his banker included) said he was crazy. Shortly thereafter, he opened a second Canyon Ranch...
  6. Translated to mean, “California life,” this French-inspired spa is not for the fainthearted. Even if you come with a spouse or partner in tow, expect separate rooms (although one newlywed we know...
  7. Set on a gentle rise in the shadow of the 2,900-foot Pinnacle Peak, the clay-colored casitas of the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North blend in seamlessly with the Sonoran Desert landscape...
  8. Jao Camp’s Balinese-themed buildings were constructed without cutting any trees; instead only fallen timber was used. Inside the nine tented pavilions, elevated safari-style off the ground, are...
  9. The property, on the western fringe of Kruger National Park, hosts no more than 20 guests at a time in a setting that, aside from the elephants roaming the backyard, feels like home. Inside Royal...
  10. The six guest lofts at Sweni sit along the Sweni River, where hippos appear alarmingly close and baboons peer out from the lush vegetation. The lofts’ color palette reflects the jungle’s greenery,...